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  Holly Hughes for State Representative

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“Holly Hughes is a strong, proven community leader who will fight to create jobs, lower taxes and bring opportunity to Muskegon”  - Congressman Pete Hoekstra

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Michigan is a state of tremendous promise and unlimited potential.  It has an abundance of natural resources, an incredibly skilled workforce, a population of ‘can do’ people, a tradition of strong family values across diverse cultures, and a long history of economic and agricultural strength. These are facts that we seldom hear today but help  point the way toward our return to prosperity.

In today's economy, we cannot afford to mistake the failures in Lansing for the needs of an ever changing global marketplace.  Rather than complain about the status quo we need to embrace new global opportunities. We can attract new companies and create new jobs, but we have to face reality and come together to make it happen.  Collectively we can build the strongest economy in the nation.

I’m running for the Michigan Legislature because I want to live in a Michigan where jobs are abundant, where our children can receive a world class education,  and live and raise their families here,  instead of having to move to another state in order to be employed.  I want to live in a Michigan where government doesn’t get in the way of a productive economy but is a catalyst for business opportunity.  I will bring to Lansing strong leadership, common sense stewardship, hands on job creating experience learned through many years of hard work building our family business, and the vision necessary to get Michigan back to work.

"Holly is an outstanding, results oriented advocate for Muskegon. From the environment, to small business, to the education of our children, she is tireless in solving problems and making West MI a better place."
- Congressman Bill Huizenga

Endorsement editorial: Holly Hughes should remain as 91st District representative

Published: Wednesday, October 24, 2012, 11:45 AM Updated: Wednesday, October 24, 2012, 12:00 PM

Paula Holmes-Greeley | The Muskegon Chronicle Paula Holmes-Greeley | The Muskegon Chronicle

Holly Hughes

Two years ago, the Chronicle Editorial Board endorsed Holly Hughes, R-White River Twp., for 91st State House and we continue to support her for this office.

Hughes has a solid opponent in Democrat challenge Collene Lamonte and we hope Lamonte will continue to look for ways she can serve this community in elected office. Libertarian challenger Nick Sundquist has brought a new dimension to the debate.

Rep. Holly Hughes, R-White River Twp., has just completed her freshman term in the House. It has been a challenging two years with a new governor who has turned some concepts about how to run government upside down.

With the Republican Party in control of the two houses of the Legislature, Hughes has been able to marshal her extensive political experience to help pass legislation to benefit Muskegon County residents. She introduced 25 bills and resolutions and six amendments during her first term. She was able to get nine bills and resolutions and all of the amendments approved.

Among the bills approved were an increase in the personal income tax exemption; an extension of the Renaissance zone tax credits which have been instrumental to redeveloping downtown Muskegon and other brownfield areas; and a bill that helped the Muskegon Heights school district move ahead in addressing its extensive debt.

She has taken up the issues of Michigan veterans, focusing on high unemployment among veterans. She worked with the Muskegon County Department of Veterans Affairs to hold a major veterans job fair and to highlight programs working in this county that could be adapated statewide.

She also championed Muskegon County, helping area businesses through the maze of state government. She also brought state leaders to Muskeogn County to see the resources and programs that we have here and the value they could provide to the state. They also addressed issues of concern such as the personal property tax and the possible invasion of Asian carp in the Great Lakes.

She told us in 2010 she would always support Muskegon County over the Republican Party and we believe she has done that in many cases. She voted against her party 20 times, including against a school funding bill that reduced funding for state public schools. She also opposed changes in the critical dunes law restrictions, extending a cap on state land ownership, a ban on using public school resources to deduct union dues, establishing sporting swine operations and helmet-less motorcycle operation.

We urge Hughes to continue focusing on Muskegon County and the issue of jobs, education and health care, which are critical needs in Muskegon County. The personal property tax also needs to be protected or replaced in order to protect our communities.

We endorse incumbent Rep. Holly Hughes.

Members of the Chronicle Editorial Board are Peg West, community news director; Clayton Hardiman, columnist; and Paula Holmes-Greeley, community engagement specialist.

“Holly Hughes is a tested, proven candidate of the highest quality whose political expertise will get her over the finish line in November.  She is pro-business and pro jobs.  Her position on the issues combined with her business experience will make her a great state representative.”

- Phil Guyeskey,  Director of Political Affairs for the Michigan Chamber 

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